Getting ready for Kindergarten is an important step for your family. A lot of thought goes into picking out the right back pack and getting all the supplies needed for your child to start school. An even more important step that cannot be forgotten is ensuring that your child's developmental skills are ready to be successful in school. Booking an appointment for your child's developmental screening will look at their speech, literacy, language, fine and gross motor, social interaction skills and nutrition.

Screening is not a test. It will not label a child or provide an in-depth assessment of a child's abilities in any area. It is intended to help both the parent and the school to identify any concerns which may interfere with learning. The earlier a problem is identified, the more likely it is that it can be remedied.

The screener will have some activities for children and questions for parents in many areas of your child's development. Results will be shared with parents/guardians on the same day. If a child requires follow up in any area, parents will be given the information so that they can connect with the appropriate agency.


Our Program screens for:


Fine Motor
Gross Motor
Speech & Language
Social Development