Is your child developing appropriately for their age?

Timiskaming Health Unit offers developmental screening services for children aged 18 months to school age. We help to identify any concerns in their development prior to them entering school.

Child playing with bead toy


Why we screen early years development

Sometimes parents aren't sure if their child is developing appropriately for their age. Our screening services can help answer any questions they may have regarding their child's development and to identify any potential concerns.

The earlier a developmental concern is identified, the better the chances are for a successful outcome. Timiskaming Health Unit provides the opportunity for parents to have their child's development screened and to assess their development.


How we screen a child's development

Our screening process is easy to use and takes approximately 30 minutes. Our developmental screeners are all professionals with a background in child development and know how to make screening fun for kids!

First, we ask parents a few questions about their child's development including; speech and language, motor skills, nutrition and socialization. We then present the child with a variety of tasks depending on their age. Our tasks are based on the DPS (DISC Preschool Screen) section of the DISC (Diagnostic Inventory for Screening Children), a screening tool developed in Ontario.

Parents may be present for the screening process or we will share the results with them at their earliest convenience.